I specialize in documentary - candid style photography

I prefer to use available light

Photographs speak more than words ever can - so take a look around

Freelance Photographer

Robert Lipscomb

private tutoring

Do you need help understanding your camera's metering modes, focus modes, focus tracking, exposure compensation and so on... I can help! How about help understanding how to utilize aperture, shutter and ISO settings?

Being a full time Sports Photographer nine months out of the year - I am used to making adjustments on the fly.

A session is only $25 for the 1st hour and $15 for the 2nd hour if needed. You decide how many sessions you need. Depending on location - a mileage charge may be added.   


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August 17, 2015 update
I recently added some new photos in the Street Photography section as well as a few in the Random Photography area. Hope you like.

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Welcome to my site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new pics from my latest adventures. Please Stop by often.